Dining Room Helpers and Zone Leaders

In 2018, children first applied to help out at lunch times in two different roles. Some chose to help with organising the diner hall and others wished to support the children and staff in the playground to make sure everyone has fun and is safe while they play.

Each child had to fill out a written application explaining why they would like to do the job and went through a short interview.

The children are enjoying helping out and making a difference at lunch times.

"I feel honoured to have the opportunity to be a zone leader and I couldn't thank Viv and Mala more. It has been a pleasure to help people in the playground to make friends..." - Mahreema
"I enjoy being a dinner hall helper because I like helping out the dining people." - Mahera
"I feel amazing for being a zone leader. I can help people who are not able to play with friends and make them feel good." - Amirah
"I enjoy being a dinner hall helper because I like to see the smiles on people's faces. This is why I help out as much as possible." - Maanya