Learning At Home

The most important resource is the work that our teachers post on Google Classroom - they know your children and where they are in their learning journey - but there is a lot more out there if you find you have too much spare time in the day.

See Google's "Teach From Home" website for advice on learning online.

There are a lot of resources online to help you keep learning, whether you have finished the work assigned on Google Classroom by your teacher, you need help understanding something or want to explore something further.

24th June: The government has updated advice for parents supporting their children at home. See their website here.

Try to have a structured day (a timetable may help for some families), a specific working space and remember to have breaks and don't put too much pressure on yourselves (parents or children). Keep it simple and don't try to do too much.

One of the best ways to consolidate learning is to be able to teach someone what you have learned. Let your children teach you what they have learned.

BBC Daily Lessons

BBC have launched their new daily lessons which can be accessed through their Bitesize website and also through iPlayer and BBC Sounds on your tablet, phone and TV. There is a maths, English and topic lesson for each year group on each day. Even if you've learned about the topic covered before, it might be good revision and some of the questions might make you think about it in different ways, even if you don't write your answers down.

Also, listen to the BBC Bitesize Primary Planner each day for advice from parents about what to do at home and where to look for learning.


Make sure you keep active - children are used to active play around lunch and break times at school. Try these online resources or make up your own games and exercises. 
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Creative Steps


Watch these short video lessons and follow along or use what you learn to create your own ideas. 

Lesson 1 - Motion

Lesson 2 - Drawing Shapes

Lesson 3 - Simple Game (Part 1)

Lesson 4 - Simple Game (Part 2)

Lesson 5 - Broadcasting Blocks (Part 1)

Lesson 6 - Broadcasting Blocks (Part 2)


Other fun activities

It is important that we don't overemphasise the academic studies and that we look after our mental health by having fun and enjoying this time together at home.

Six fun online activities to boost your child’s digital resilience