Google Classroom

Please watch this video for the basics of using Google Classroom. Some features, such as posting and commenting may be turned on or off at times by teachers. As long as you can see your class, you will be doing fine and can find the work in the classwork tab.

If you have any issues, please read below carefully. If your question is not answered, please email . We will try to get back to you on the same day, but please be patient if we can't.


1. When I go to it asks me for a class code. What is it?

You do not need a class code. If you have logged in with your child's correct school login details (, then you should see an invite to their class.
A likely issue is that you already have another Google account logged in on your computer, especially if you use Google Chrome or you watch YouTube. Please make sure you log out of that first. You will see a coloured circle at the top right with a letter in it. Click this to see who you are logged in as.
One option is to use a different web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox) than you normally do so that you can log into the school account without logging out of personal one.


2. Why can my child and I not post or comment on the classroom stream?

The teacher may have disabled this function to keep chat from distracting from the work. Hopefully, children will use this sensibly to communicate with their teacher. The feature may also just be turned off during non-working hours to protect children while the teachers are not monitoring the classroom.
A final possibility is that your child has been rude or distracting and has had to be muted temporarily.


3. Do I need any software like MS Word for my child to do the work?

No. All of this work is done on Google's cloud services. All you need is a web browser.
However, when you first open a file, it may be read only and you will need to click "open in Google Docs". If you are using a tablet or phone, you may need to download the Google Docs/Slides/Sheets apps to be able to open and edit the files - these are free. Google Docs should look very similar to Word.


4. I've lost my login details. How can I get them?

Please look after them. If you need to get in touch about this, email


5. How can I add other work and pictures for the teacher to see?

Have a look at this video: